The group of companies Litana

over 1500 qualified specialists in 7 countries around the whole world.

The group of companies Litana

nearly 30 years of experience and hundreds of completed projects.

A residential house built by Litana in 2018, in the heart of Riga, attracts the customers with the unusual front facade, reminiscent of Barcelona masterpieces from the Spanish architect Gaudi.

The group of companies Litana

one of the biggest shipbuilders subcontractors in all of Europe.

The professionals working at Litana have been involved in building the biggest cruising ships in the world, completing 40% of ships hull assembly, 30% of piping, and 20% of painting work.
Litana worker
Litana worker
Litana worker




The beginning of this summer for the Litana group's industrial projects team was marked by the successful completion of a project at the eucalyptus pulp processing plant in Paso de los Toros, Uruguay. Because of strict environmental laws in Uruguay, the factory operates under burdensome ecological regulations for industrial plants. The pulp mill in Paso de los Toros officially began operations in early June, following a grand opening ceremony. At this site, the company's industrial projects department installed some 4,300 tons of steel structures and equipment, including five ESP filters, a BAG filter, and other structures. Later, a contract was signed for additional work, including the fabrication and installation of pipes. This work was carried out by the specialists of the shipbuilding department, who installed about 1,000 meters of piping. The head of the industrial project management department noted with satisfaction that the project was completed despite the numerous difficulties encountered during its implementation, such as the lack of personnel due to the hostilities in Ukraine, as well as the works stoppage due to the demands of trade unions operating in the region.

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New contract for pipeline installation works...

The beginning of summer for the industrial department of the group of companies Litana is marked by a new contract for the installation of piping systems at one of the world's leading wood-based panel factories in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The contract is special in that Luxembourg is a completely new market for Litana, which has specific features of the organization and execution of work compared to the countries of the European Union. It is one of the smallest countries in the European Union in terms of area, but it is famous for its high standard of living and its multi-nationality - about 645,000 inhabitants are made up of more than 170 nations, speaking about 80 languages. The specialists of the Litana industrial department will perform the installation work of pipeline systems of newly constructed buildings in the existing factory. The start of work will be in July. The end of the works - October.

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Occupational safety and fire safety training...

To commemorate the World Occupational Safety and Health and St. On the day of Florijon, the saint patron of firefighters, the group of companies Litana organized theoretical work safety and practical training on firefighting at the workplace for administrative staff. Key points highlighted during the theoretical training - what actions should be taken in the event of a fire. In the administrative premises inspected the evacuation routes and checked the functioning of the fire alarm system. The practical part of the training took place on the company's territory, where a simulation of a fire scene was created, so employees had the opportunity to learn how to use the fire extinguisher correctly in the event of a real fire. Employees confirmed the expectation that focus, calmness and knowledge help overcome all difficulties. We are pleased to see the initiative of the Litana group of companies to create safe, healthy and suitable working conditions for its employees.

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The main value of the Litana group of companies is its employees. We are proud that our team consists of highly qualified employees from different fields.
We invite you to realize both personal and professional goals in the international group of companies Litana.
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