The group of companies Litana

over 1500 qualified specialists in 7 countries around the whole world.

The group of companies Litana

nearly 30 years of experience and hundreds of completed projects.

A residential house built by Litana in 2018, in the heart of Riga, attracts the customers with the unusual front facade, reminiscent of Barcelona masterpieces from the Spanish architect Gaudi.

The group of companies Litana

one of the biggest shipbuilders subcontractors in all of Europe.

The professionals working at Litana have been involved in building the biggest cruising ships in the world, completing 40% of ships hull assembly, 30% of piping, and 20% of painting work.
Litana worker
Litana worker
Litana worker




In February, the Litana group of companies signed a cooperation agreement to build the Cinis Fertilizer plant in Kopmanholmen (Sweden). The uniqueness of this plant lies in the fact that it will produce the world's most environmentally friendly mineral fertilizer - potassium sulfate - from the waste generated in the manufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles and the pulp and paper industry. Litana specialists will be engaged in the design, construction, and erection of external and internal walls, ceilings, and roofs of two smaller reinforced concrete buildings. Their responsibilities will also include the manufacture and installation of metal structures of the main building, metal grating, and the installation of staircase elements, railings, roof, and exterior walls. We are also tasked with designing two buildings. The main difficulty of the project lies in the fact that a large amount of work must be done in a fairly short period, so it is assumed that the work will be organized in two shifts. During the peak period, about 20 people will be involved in the implementation of the project.

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January has become a particular month for the Litana group of companies: a contract was signed with the Swiss company Bernis SA for the construction of two buildings, the frame of which, as well as supporting structures, columns, and beams will be made of timber. This is the first such project in the history of the company, before that the Litana group had never engaged in timber house construction. The Swiss company Bernis SA, which uses mainly natural and environmentally friendly materials, operates in Switzerland and Germany. The contract we signed for the project with the trademark GreenPlaces will be implemented in Germany.  The scope of our work also includes the installation of columns, beams, floor slabs, and roofs, and the manufacture and installation of facade panels. The assembly process itself takes place quite quickly — only 6 months are given for the installation of both buildings. During the peak period of the project, a team of 8 people will be involved at the facility. According to construction director, the "green initiatives" are attracting more and more attention and are rapidly gaining popularity, especially in the Nordics, and this step of the Litana group of companies is like evidence of its dynamism and strategic vision. This is a good start in the field of design and installation of buildings with high environmental status.

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The team of shipbuilders of the Litana group of companies, which employs real professionals in their field, has attained not only positive feedback from customers with its quality of work, but also attracts new orders. A perfect example of this is the implementation of the project at the shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France: for the first time in the company's history, our shipbuilders will take part in the construction of the cruise yacht J35. This is a premium-class yacht with very high requirements for the quality of the assembly process. The Litana group of companies will be involved in three stages of yacht construction: the manufacture of planar sections, the formation of blocks, and the assembly of the yacht hull from blocks on the boathouse. It is planned that about 150 specialists will participate in the construction of the cruise yacht J35: 60 on hull works and approx. 90 people on the installation of pipelines. The Director of the shipbuilding and ship repair department  highly appreciates the partnership with the Saint-Nazaire shipyard and hopes that the efforts invested will ensure the impeccable quality of the project implementation.

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The main value of the Litana group of companies is its employees. We are proud that our team consists of highly qualified employees from different fields.
We invite you to realize both personal and professional goals in the international group of companies Litana.
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