The group of companies Litana

over 1700 qualified specialists in 7 countries around the whole world.

The group of companies Litana

more than 30 years of experience and hundreds of completed projects.

A residential house built by Litana in 2018, in the heart of Riga, attracts the customers with the unusual front facade, reminiscent of Barcelona masterpieces from the Spanish architect Gaudi.

The group of companies Litana

one of the biggest shipbuilders subcontractors in all of Europe.

The professionals working at Litana have been involved in building the biggest cruising ships in the world, completing 40% of ships hull assembly, 30% of piping, and 20% of painting work.
Litana worker
Litana worker
Litana worker




Gargzdai, is a colorful city with a rich history and wonderful people, and a combative volleyball team "Amber Volley", whose general sponsor is the company "Litana". This collaboration is not just about wearing logos on T-shirts or billboards. It is a sincere contribution to the sports community that nurtures youth in the spirit of friendship and encourages determination to achieve set goals.  “Litana” commitment to the Amber Volley team means not only financial support but also the determination to participate in various initiatives aimed at promoting sports and a healthy lifestyle. We believe that through this and other partnerships, we are not only supporting a sports team striving for high results but also fostering a sporty lifestyle and encouraging employees and residents to be active and healthy.

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New equipment arrived at „Litana“ production shop. We are installing an automated profile machining line from the Italian company „Ficep“. It is advanced, modern, and perfectly in line with our ambition to optimize production processes and offer even higher-quality products to our customers.

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The State Tax Inspectorate has a tradition of holding an annual meeting with 10 of Lithuania's 700 largest taxpaying companies. The aim is to come together over a late breakfast and build closer relations between the government and the business world. "Litana Group“ was one of the ten companies to receive a certificate of appreciation, justifying the company's transparency, information, accountability, compliance, and integrity.

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The main value of the Litana group of companies is its employees. We are proud that our team consists of highly qualified employees from different fields.
We invite you to realize both personal and professional goals in the international group of companies Litana.
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