The group of companies Litana

over 1500 qualified specialists in 7 countries around the whole world.

The group of companies Litana

nearly 30 years of experience and hundreds of completed projects.

A residential house built by Litana in 2018, in the heart of Riga, attracts the customers with the unusual front facade, reminiscent of Barcelona masterpieces from the Spanish architect Gaudi.

The group of companies Litana

one of the biggest shipbuilders subcontractors in all of Europe.

The professionals working at Litana have been involved in building the biggest cruising ships in the world, completing 40% of ships hull assembly, 30% of piping, and 20% of painting work.
Litana worker
Litana worker
Litana worker




The Lidl retail network, which entered the Lithuanian market a few years ago, continues to expand, and begins the construction of a second logistics center. The first logistics center is already operating in the village of Ramučiai, Kaunas district. Since November 2022, the Litana group of companies has been carrying out contract works on the construction of the Lidl logistics center in Vilnius. The area of the logistics center will be about 65,000 sq. meters. Litana group of companies will manufacture and install 925 tons of facade and ceiling metal structures. It is worth noting that this complex will be the first in the history of Lidl in Lithuania, all parts of which (structural, architecture, engineering systems) are fully designed in a virtual 3D-space. The logistics center will be certified in accordance with the Edge international standard. All works are scheduled to be completed in May 2023.  

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The French project on data center equipment is being implemented jointly with customer Mercury. The scope of our work includes the installation of lighting and cable laying for controlling the processes of monitoring and control of signals of electrical equipment. The project involves 30 people ensuring 100% output. According to project manager of the electrical equipment installation department, the work is being carried out without schedule delay, according to the customer's request; the project is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2022. The customer highly appreciates the productive and responsible work of specialists of the Litana group of companies, therefore, this project can be continued, and signing a contract for the installation of electrical equipment at similar industrial facilities in other countries is only a matter of time.

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The Litana group of companies, like all those who are not indifferent to the events taking place in Ukraine today, contributed to the arrangement of family members of working Ukrainians. A whole range of measures was organized to relocate and provide living space for all those in need. There was an idea of employment of migrants through their involvement in carrying out cleaning operations on board of the liner. As a result, a team of female workers was formed, actively involved in cleaning activities, with benefits both for the family budget and for the benefit of the company.

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The main value of the Litana group of companies is its employees. We are proud that our team consists of highly qualified employees from different fields.
We invite you to realize both personal and professional goals in the international group of companies Litana.
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