Career in “Litana” group of companies

Recognized and treated with respect, employees are the main value of “Litana” group of companies.

Core corporate values

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We treat employees with respect and dignity, strive to create friendly microclimate and proper conditions to satisfy their social and material needs.

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Depending on your individual goals and plans, we ensure the professional development and career enhancement on an equal opportunity basis.

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By applying various organizational develompent techniques, we attract, retain and further reward the best professionals in all areas of our business.

Success stories

Jevgenij Masaliov

Jevgenij Masaliov was born and studied in Kaliningrad but started his working career in Lithuania. In 2011 he joined the Litana group of companies as Project Manager of a nuclear power plant construction in Finland. By 2018 Jevgenij was promoted to Managing Director of Litana Finland.

Quot I would like to emphasize that when I first travelled to Finland in 2011 I was absolutely sure this task was only temporary and it would be completed in 9 months. However, we managed to obtain additional work to do and all work had finished by the end of 2018. As a result, Finland has become my home. My daughter indeed has grown up there. Today I’ve begun new challenges and goals – to lead and develop Litana Group in Finland. It’s interesting and challenging, plus making my own decisions then have the freedom to act on them are among the factors that motivate me.’

Success stories

Jolanta Želvytė

Jolanta Zelvytė started acting as project manager at Litana’s Swedish subdivision in 2010. In March 2016 she was promoted to position of Deputy Director, and in June 2018 she became as Director of Swedish affiliate.

Quot When I started working as a Projects Manager, I didn’t think much about career. I was captivated by the new challenges, unpredictable turns, motivation and support from management. Therefore, I even didn‘t realize how unexpectedly I suddenly became a subdivision director. Now I‘m captivated by the same things. I’d like to motivate other colleagues to create both personal and company‘s success together.”

Success stories

Michail Prohorenko

Michail Prohorenko started his career at Litana group of companies in 2007, in LLC Litana, Kaliningrad. In 2009 he was appointed to do a project located in Gomel city to help out at a newly opened branch in the Republic of Belarus.

Quot At that time I wasn‘t sure that my professional career would continue in this country. During 2009 I was working as work manager. and in 2011 I was promoted to Chief Engineer. Since the beginning of my career, I’ve felt I have been able to apply all my knowledge and competence to different projects (including the OSB brick factory in Murom), and so became a professional in this field. I’m motivated by new challenges where there are many unfamiliar tasks, and I set targets to reach. As with any, the result usually depends on how determined a person is and how much belief he or she has in the self. Taking on challenges I always go till the end.'

Success stories

Sergey Rukin

Sergey Rukin started his career at Litana Group right after finishing his studies. During the 7 years of work his career path has gone from working as a regular specialist to his current position as chief accountant.

Quot I started working at Litana in Kaliningrad on the 1st of August 2003 and on 11th of January 2010 I was promoted to chief accountant at the Russian division. When I accepted the job offer, I had concerns about the level of responsibility for this important position. However, with the support of management, I have succeeded gaining the knowledge needed and gone through the necessary processes concerning the accounting department now put in my hands. I can proudly say that working at Litana Group has formed me professionally as well as personally, as the experience has taught me to make the best of each and every opportunity and to make them a reality.’

Why a job in Litana, what’s the attraction?

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Today “Litana“ employees work in various areas of the construction business, design and shipbuilding, finance, economics, sales and supply chain management. Any may chose which activity best suits them, and we are ready to propose your desired professional career path, which would be based on your personal and professional objectives.

Tell us who you‘d like to be, and we‘ll tell you how you can achieve it!

“Litana” group is one of the leaders in construction and manufacturing business. We co-operate with the world class level companies, apply the most modern technologies and software. By developing and improving, we arrange training sessions on a constant basis, in order to upgrade the qualification and skills of our professionals.

Would you like to become the professional in your field?
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Litana conducts regular business all over the whole of Europe. Depending on your desire, you may relocate together with your family to work and live in other countries all around the world: France, Russia, Finland, Latvia, Germany, etc. Wherever you work with us, you can be assured that our company adheres to all completely accepted European standards.

Are you keen, active, and would like to live and work according to the highest European standards? – therefor let‘s join us!

Apprenticeship and career Opportunities

“Litana” team is ready to share the knowledge and experience with young professionals. We invite graduates and students currently enrolled to join us for job inquiries to better understand your career goals and to learn more about “Litana” professional activities.
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