In the Swedish city of Malmo, the construction of a hospital complex is at full blast. At this facility, specialists of the Litana group of companies perform the design, manufacture works and installation of metal structures.

At the end of February, the works were completed in the eastern wing of one of the buildings, and partial hand over of the works to the customer was carried out. According to the project manager Konstantinas Valma, we are happy that all works are carried out strictly in accordance with the schedule. We also actively participate in the work planning process together with the customer and share our thoughts on how to speed up the works performed. The customer highly appreciates all aspects of interaction with the Litana group of companies: the quality of works performed, communication, effective planning and the level of work safety at the facility.

Currently, about half of all the planned works are finished in one of the buildings. The entire project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of next year.