Work safety, fire safety and health monitoring of employees are important elements without which the successful operation of the Litana group of companies would be simply impossible. In all areas of the Litana group's business, safety is strictly controlled not only by the company's employees themselves, but also by customer representatives.

According to the representatives of the “Chantiers de l'Atlantique“ shipyard in Saint-Nazaire (France), safety control is at the highest level, and we can rightly be proud of the results.

The workplaces scattered throughout the shipyard area of 100 hectares, are checked on the daily basis, and this is a serious challenge. For 5 years “Litana” group managed to achieve the set objective - to reduce the number of violations of safety regulations when performing work. It is pleasant to hear positive feedback from the customer during the inspections of compliance with safety requirements at the shipyard and it can stated that, the shipbuilders have fully earned his trust.