At the end of July, the Litana group of companies signed an agreement with the MV Werften Wismar GmbH shipyard for the installation of electrical equipment on the BN125 Global 1 cruise liner in the German city of Wismar.

Cruise ships of the Global class are the largest ones, their length reaches 342 meters. This cruise ship will be equipped with 2,500 cabins designed for 5,000 passengers, as well as a large selection of entertainment and services located on 20 decks: a shopping center, an Asian Spa center, a water park, a fitness center, a cinema, night clubs, etc.

A team consisting of 50 electricians will perform a large scope of works on the ship: lay over 400 km of cable routes, install and connect electrical equipment, install telecommunications and fire protection networks, emergency lighting, etc. The planned amount of works on the cruise liner will be over 60,000 hours. The electrical installation works, which began in June, are planned to be completed in March next year.