In 2015, the Litana group of companies successfully completed the construction of the general contracting facility – the Engels locomotive plant. The plant has an area of 63,868 square meters. it is located in Engels (Russia). This object, as well as all objects of the general contract, has a 5-year warranty period. This year, the Litana group finally fulfilled its obligations to the customer.

High quality of construction works and professionalism of employees are the distinctive characteristics of Litana group: for high-quality and efficient performance of work, the construction site supervisor Igor Novikov was awarded a personal certificate from the Managing director of JSC „Engels locomotive plant“. Vadim Ivashov, chief engineer of Litana LLC, expresses gratitude to all colleagues who took part in the implementation of this project: „I congratulate the team on the completion of the warranty period and fulfillment of all contractual obligations, and also express gratitude to all colleagues who took part in the maintenance of the object during the warranty period.“