The month of June in the Swedish city of Kiruna was indeed active for Litana group – the works were underway at the industrial facility for the extraction and processing of iron ore. By order of  the client, Litana group of companies manufactured about 300 tons and installed 530 tons of metal structures and equipment.

According to project manager D. Martirosyan, the most serious challenges faced in this project are the harsh Nordic climate and a busy work schedule. The most difficult task at the iron ore mining and processing facility was to connect large-sized air ducts to the main line during a 10-day shutdown of the production cycle. Litana group specialists not only successfully coped with this task, but also completed it two days earlier thanks to a detailed schedule and 24/7 operation. The customer expressed gratitude for the high quality of works, and recommends the Litana group to perform works with similar specifics.