May 29, 2021 was a special day in the history of the Litana group of companies: the Finnish division celebrated its 15th anniversary. Colleagues working in Turku, Helsinki and Rauma met this day at a festive table, in the center of which was a huge cake made in the shape of a ship. The highlight of the program was a colorful picture with the logo of the Litana group - a distinctive symbol of a significant date, written jointly by all employees of the Finnish division.

Managing Director of Litana-Finland E. Masaliov does not hide his joy at the fact that the Litana group has established itself in the Finnish market as a well-known shipbuilding company, which is a client of the largest shipyards. „We hope that we will be able not only to maintain, but also to strengthen the company's position in the market, so that our professional resources will be used in the largest projects of the world shipbuilding“, - E. Masaliov shares his vision.