Recently, there has been a growing interest among companies in the construction sector in reducing the negative impact on the environment during production and construction processes. Companies that take this important aspect into account in their work have a great competitive advantage. To this, Litana group of companies in January began preparatory works to obtain an environmental declaration for painting metal structures.

The head of the technical supervision department Vitalijus Lupandinas notes: „The environmental declaration is not mandatory for conducting construction activities, but for us it is a guarantee of a modern view on environmental issues, which we transmit to customers and society. So far, we are at the first stage of implementing this project: an internal audit of the company is being conducted, and the necessary calculations are being made. The next stage will be an external audit according to the requirements of the ISO 14025 standard, placing the declaration in a specialized database and providing potential customers with access to it. The certification process is expected to be completed at the end of the first quarter of this year.“