The team of shipbuilders of the Litana group of companies, which employs real professionals in their field, has attained not only positive feedback from customers with its quality of work, but also attracts new orders. A perfect example of this is the implementation of the project at the shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France: for the first time in the company's history, our shipbuilders will take part in the construction of the cruise yacht J35. This is a premium-class yacht with very high requirements for the quality of the assembly process. The Litana group of companies will be involved in three stages of yacht construction: the manufacture of planar sections, the formation of blocks, and the assembly of the yacht hull from blocks on the boathouse. It is planned that about 150 specialists will participate in the construction of the cruise yacht J35: 60 on hull works and approx. 90 people on the installation of pipelines.

The Director of the shipbuilding and ship repair department  highly appreciates the partnership with the Saint-Nazaire shipyard and hopes that the efforts invested will ensure the impeccable quality of the project implementation.