In January, the Finnish division of the Litana group of companies signed an agreement with the Helsinki Shipyard Inc. to carry out the works on the expedition cruise ship NB 518 under construction.

NB 518 is already the third vessel belonging to the category of expedition cruise ships of the new generation and is designed for travel in high latitudes. The 125 meters long and 12000 tons liner with ice class PC6 is designed to explore the most inaccessible corners of the globe.

The shipbuilders of the Litana group will perform the works on the installation of grand blocks with their subsequent welding in the dock. Already in February, a team of 45 ship assemblers and welders will be involved at the facility. According to E. Masaliov, managing director of Litana Finland Oy, we are pleased to continue cooperation with this customer and participate in the construction of the third vessel with an increased ice class. This is an undoubted proof of the quality of our services.