The team of the Litana group of companies is successfully carrying out work at the construction site in Gotmadingen, Germany. This is the first such project in the activities of the group of companies, where the building structures are made of wood. Buildings of uniform design and standardized construction differ from each other only in the number of "boxes".
Currently, the team is carrying out the installation of roof elements, as well as the installation of wood CLT (laminated wood panel), overlays and facades. Up to this moment, all columns, CLT overlays and facade elements of the first building have been installed.
Although the poor and very changeable weather conditions, which are not usual for this year, cause some difficulties, the team, thanks to experienced colleagues, tries to cope with all the problems that have arisen and find solutions favorable to the client and the company. According to project manager Giedrius Mikutaitis: in the implementation of this atypical project for a group of companies, we aim for favorable results for all, thus ensuring long-term cooperation with the customer, because the success of this project will depend on whether the next project will be implemented, the construction of which is expected to start at the end of the year.