Projects evaluation is one of the business processes of the Litana group of companies, closely related to the work of the commercial, construction, planning and supply departments. The project evaluation department performs a very important task - it evaluates the consumption of materials, labor and time costs, taking into account the economic efficiency of the project components and the compliance of the cost of work with market trends and customer requests.

Projects evaluation is a multi-component process that has a significant impact on the bidding of construction projects, because of that a head of the projects evaluation department E. Fedorova  set the goal to optimize it. New projects evaluation procedure will include the algorithm of calculations performed, the order of communication with the customer and the criteria for evaluating the projects. It will also help to optimize processes, summarize the available information and create a database of the calculations that will enable the group to stay in the top three of the most profitable commercial offers for the customer from the position of declared value of our services.