Litana group of companies sets the ambitious plans for itself for the upcoming year – the contracts on mounting the ship hulls, pipes, as well as the painting and electrical installation works for 2020 are already being signed.

The next year is going to be definitely record-breaking: the volumes in France will reach 584,000 hours, in Finland – 458,000 hours, in Germany – 308,000 hours. The total volumes for the whole shipbuilding department in 2020 will be close to 1,350,000 working hours, what is almost 28% higher than in 2019. If we compare the mentioned volumes with 2016 figures – there is almost double volume increase!

JSC Laivsta managing director Oleg Arup is happy to announce: “In 2019 October we intend to reach 115,000 hours, what is 12% higher than the most resultative month of the previous year. The increase of volumes will result in the increase of personnel – it is planned to reach 1,000 shipbuilders headcount in 2020.”