The production and installation of metal structures for the power plant in Vantaa, Finland, is progressing fast - at the end of September, two large steel structures were prepared for transportation to the industrial facility. The produced silos with insulation elements weight about 20 tons each, are 4.5 meters in diameter and about 15 meters long.

The professionalism of the production workshop of “Litana” group is proved by the fact that 5 silos were produced at the same time and the steel structures were prepared in less than a month. Currently, the first silo structure is already installed on the industrial site, two are on the way to the site and the last structures are in the final stage of production.

During the whole project, the employees of Litana group will manufacture about 900 tons of steel structures and will install about 1100 tons of various steel structures and equipment in the power plant. The completion of installation works is planned in March 2022.