In the Swedish city of Malmö - the peak of works on the construction of the hospital complex buildings. Litana group performs a set of works on the design, manufacture and installation of metal structures.

"The total area of the hospital complex buildings is 101,000 sq. meters. Their construction will require approx. 8,000 tons of metal structures. Up to 5 tower cranes are used during the most complex installation periods simultaneously, " - says project manager J. Beniušis.

The area of the hospital service building nearby reaches 21,500 sq. meters. According to project manager P. Kamaitis, the new service building will perform a number of functions, one of the most important being: supply of medical instruments to the hospital, storage of textiles and medicine as well as laboratory for analysis research.

Construction works on both sites are carried out in compliance with all safety requirements as they are carried out in the center of Malmö, near the functioning building of the hospital complex.