The beginning of this summer for the Litana group's industrial projects team was marked by the successful completion of a project at the eucalyptus pulp processing plant in Paso de los Toros, Uruguay.

Because of strict environmental laws in Uruguay, the factory operates under burdensome ecological regulations for industrial plants. The pulp mill in Paso de los Toros officially began operations in early June, following a grand opening ceremony. At this site, the company's industrial projects department installed some 4,300 tons of steel structures and equipment, including five ESP filters, a BAG filter, and other structures. Later, a contract was signed for additional work, including the fabrication and installation of pipes. This work was carried out by the specialists of the shipbuilding department, who installed about 1,000 meters of piping.

The head of the industrial project management department noted with satisfaction that the project was completed despite the numerous difficulties encountered during its implementation, such as the lack of personnel due to the hostilities in Ukraine, as well as the works stoppage due to the demands of trade unions operating in the region.