Based on the production volumes and its specifics, as well as on the results of energetic audit carried out at the enterprise, CJSC “Litana ir Ko” was granted with the subsidy to install the alternate power sources on the roof of production facility. 50% of the project will be financed by EU structural funds, therefore another part of expenses will be covered by Litana. In this way Litana group of companies will contribute to 2010-2020 national achievement of strategic goals of the development of renewable energy sources.

The project’s objective is to install the photovoltaic solar power battery with the capacity of 0.26 MW to partially cover the electrical energy consumption of the enterprise. That’s the way how the company is going to reduce the electrical energy consumption supplied by the centralized electrical network and replace it by the energy from the alternate source. This will contribute to a more sustainable environment and use energy for the production purposes in more effective way. The solar collectors will be ready to use in September.