In the Norwegian city of Brevik, the assemblers of metal structures of  Litana group are currently working on a unique project – CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) NORCEM BREVIK - the world‘s first project in the history of the cement industry to capture and liquefy carbon dioxide. The project provides for the transportation of liquefied carbon dioxide for eternal storage in the North Sea at a depth of 3 km as part of another revolutionary Norwegian project – „Northern Lights“.

According to I. Tolpegin, deputy head of the industrial projects department, we have already completed one of the most important tasks of the project, dismantling the old ESP filter and installing a new one in three and a half weeks of production downtime. Currently, the installation of air ducts, support structures for service platforms and industrial pipelines is being carried out. The team of the Litana group plans to mount a total of 843 tons of steel structures. The project is expected to be completed in August next year.