The construction of medical and social institutions in the Nordic countries at the moment is one of the most priority tasks. The total area of the new Drammen hospital complex building will be 122,000 sq. meters. Specialists of the Litana group will work on the construction of the central block of the complex and in-patient care facility (27,000 sq. m): 1200 tons of metal structures will be manufactured for them with subsequent installation at the facility. The works on the assembly of metal structures have already begun in August, and will be completed in a 19-month period.

A project manager K. Romaikin does not hide his joy: “It is pleasant to realize that, after the successful completion of the construction of hospital complexes in Stockholm and Malmo (Sweden), the mantle of the construction of healthcare facilities has passed to the Litana group division in Norway. The contract signed with the largest Norwegian general contractor is an excellent example of well-coordinated teamwork of the commercial, production and construction departments.”