On April 28 is celebrated the World Health and Safety Day. The purpose of the occasion is the universal creation of working conditions that are safe for health and life. On this day, thematic training was conducted for administration employees at the head office of the Litana group in Gargždai. HSE engineer M. Beliauskas conducted the theoretical part of the program in the first half of the day.

In the afternoon, employees had practical classes, during which every volunteer could master the practical skills of using a fire extinguisher when extinguishing a small local fire modeled in an imitation of an office workplace: a metal table with a monitor on it, connected to the power socket. During the practical training, the employee must disconnect the monitor from the mains, run to the fire extinguisher storage place and extinguish the flame upon returning.

According to the unanimous opinion of the administration staff, the practical part of the training was not only very useful, but also emotionally intense.