We are proud that the Litana group employs the real professionals in their field. An excellent proof of this is the welders of ship hulls and pipes working in the French city of Saint-Nazaire. They are entrusted with such responsible tasks as:

- welding of grand blocks;

- assembly and installation of ship hulls;

- installation of pipelines and their testing.

And in March this year, the shipyard’s management entrusted our company with the unique task on the installation of the upper beam of the new bridge crane of the plant with a lifting capacity of 1500 tons.

According to O. Arup, director of CJSC Laivsta, we were given only 2 weeks to complete the task, so the teams under the leadership of the foremen Lyubomir Kachkovskyy and Volodymyr Abaturov worked around the clock due to tight deadlines. 100% of the welds were subjected to control; all seams were awarded the highest rating – Excellent. Despite the difficulties, our specialists have successfully coped with this unique task.