Despite the decline in world industrial production in the first half of 2020, Litana group expects not only to restore the pre-crisis volumes of work in shipbuilding by mid-June, but also to expand its list of customers by signing new contracts. In mid-May, Litana group has signed an agreement with Rauma Marine Construction shipyard (Finland) for production of grand blocks for ship hull.

The works are planned to be carried out on the newly built Tallink Shuttle ferry, which will sail on the route Helsinki - Tallinn. This ferry will be the biggest vessel ever built at RMC shipyard: 212 meters length and have a gross tonnage of approximately 50,000 tons. New shuttle ferry will be able to accommodate 2,800 passengers.

Litana team will start working on the ferry in September and plans to complete the construction by the end of February next year. At that time, the vessel itself is expected to be delivered in early 2022.