Last Friday, on a sunny June day, the human resources staff from Litana group of companies arrived in Lithuania for a team-building session. In the first part of the agenda, the key issues related to the preparation of the company's internal newspaper, the potential of the new website, and also internal communication optimization were discussed.

The second part of team-building moved to the rural touristic home base in Klaipeda district. Here HR employees were welcomed by Kęstutis Kilinskas, a lecturer-practitioner from Vilnius, who conducted the practical training for the team called “Prometheus”. Practical tasks were based on Afghanistan War (1979-1989) military training experience, where teamwork and trust between team members were extremely important.

HR department employees were happy to meet and talk to colleagues from other departments of the company, and even before the end of this year's team-building they had already scheduled to meet again next year.