At the end of last year, the Litana group signed an agreement with a permanent partner, the ANDRITZ OY company, for the installation of metal structures at pulp mill in the Swedish city of Frövi. At this industrial facility, a team of 18 specialists will install two ESP-type filters, which are an integral part of the regeneration system, as well as about 500 tons of metal structures and other equipment.

At the end of June, the specialists of the Litana group arrived at the facility, where the preparatory works had already begun before the installation of metal structures: storage of metal structure elements, their sorting in accordance with the order of installation works, transportation of metal structures to the installation site.

Preparatory works will approximately take one month, and the active phase of the installation of metal structures will begin in the first days of August. The installation of ESP filters is planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2023.